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                                         - the GOOD Bacteria

Did your parents ever tell you to look after your bowels? If they didn't they should have. Nearly all illnesses can be traced back to the bowels and the lack of good probiotic bacteria. That's why In-Liven is such a great product.

Until recently I thought all bacteria was bad. (see Jean's Articles on Probiotics). Then I discovered In-Liven and happen to think it's the best thing since sliced bread. Both Jodi and I use it daily and his diet has improved considerably since we started.

He'll try and eat so much more now and I'm convinced it's partly the good friendly probiotic bacteria that's doing it.
Friendly good bacteria are essential for good health and the health benefits of probiotics are well documented.


is a revolutionary breakthrough in the world of nutrition.

In-Liven is the world's first certified organic probiotic superfood. This incredible living wholefood is the result of over 20 years research & development.

The good bacteria used in this certified organic product are from organic fruits and vegetables, not fast-tracked from faecal matter and they start working as soon as they reach your intestines (which incidentally would cover half a tennis court if stretched out).

Why not check it out? I'm so glad I did.



            World’s only

    Certified Organic Living

      Wholefood Probiotic
The product contains wheat and I was initially anxious about giving it to Jodi, because it is recommended he avoid gluten and casein (the proteins in wheat and dairy).

However, as the protein has already been predigested Jodi is fine. Infact, he's thriving. He now eats a much wider variety of food which is just amazing. It's as if he knows his stomach can handle it.

We love it!

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